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Computerised Analysis

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Computer Analysis of Physiotherapy Service

We have the latest technology to accurately analyse your posture using computerised analysis of digital photographs which assists in our diagnosis & ultimately translates to better results and outcomes for patients at our practice here in ErgoPhy.

There are several symptoms or conditions that may require a biomechanical assessment including:

  • Flat feet with dropped arches
  • Lower limb pain exhibited with walking and running
  • Foot drop
  • Hip hitching

Poor postural alignment indicates increased amounts of strain on all of the spinal tissues, and poor posture indicates poor spinal alignment and abnormal function that may then lead to pain and other problems.

Although many people believe that each foot only takes half your body weight during walking, actually walking creates forces through the feet of about one to two times body weight. And on an average day, people may take as many as 10,000 steps or more. During running, it is estimated that these forces can increase to an astounding nine times body weight. Thus, any inefficiency in foot function is multiplied many times over, causing many, foot and lower limb problems.